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send me these plants and I'll answer

Daisy: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Carnation: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?
Jasmine: What color looks best on you?
foxglove: Name three facts about your family?
Allium: What's the best thing you can cook?
Orange Blossom: If you could pick the gender and appearance of your child, would you?
Calla Lily: If you died right now, what song would you want to play at your funeral?
Poinsettia: Favorite holiday dish?
Oxlip: Would you ever get into a long distance relationship?
Primrose: Favorite kind of soup?
Daffodil: What's the most thoughtful present you've ever received?
Rose: Are you currently in love with someone?
Amsonia: Would you ever become a vegan?
Peony: What's your favorite hot beverage?
Tulip: For your birthday, what kind of cake do you ask for?
Myrtle: Do you like going on airplanes?
Hibiscus: Did you ever play an instrument? If so what?
Zinnia: Who was your best friend when you were six years old?
Poppy: What color was your childhood home?
Hydrangea: Starbucks order?
Violet: Do you like where you're from?
Locust: What was your favorite book as a child?
Rhododendron: What's the scariest dream you've ever had?
Queen Anne's Lace: Would you rather carve pumpkins or wrap presents?
Magnolia: Favorite kind of candy?
Aster: Would you rather be cold or hot?
Marigold: Do you listen to what's on the radio?
Heliconia: Do you like when it rains?
Azalea: What's a movie you cried while watching?
Dandelion: Do you think you're important?

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My dearest friend, if you don’t mind;
I’d like to join you by your side.


I suppose in the end, they all break my heart

(insp. x )

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This is Sam Pepper. If you don’t know who he is, Sam is a successful YouTube prankster with over 2 million subscribers. He recently uploaded a video titled “Fake Hand Ass Pink Prank" where he pinched unsuspecting girls’ butts without their permission. None of this was done with the girls’ consent…meaning Sam Pepper sexually harassed and assaulted these women.

This is no longer a “simple, harmless prank” but rather a very serious matter and offence. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch, dislike, and report it HERE. You can also take the pledge to help stop sexual violence at itsonus.org. Please do not let Sam get away with this kind of behavior. He crossed the line and needs to be held responsible for his disgusting actions.

like even if he’s not an asshole at heart (which idk he might be) then let’s at least kick his ass a little so he knows this shit isn’t okay regardless godspeed

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christians and gays 

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♡ I  L A - L A - L A  L O V E  Y O U 


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